Scooter Says…

SYHC 2022

Hello Friends of SYHC. This will be our 21st year of bringing this camp to 250 deserving kids. We are excited for May 7th, 2022. You must be registered for the camp to attend and registration is the same every year. April 1st at 10:00AM MDT Good luck getting in! Scooter

Camp 2020 is this Saturday!!

Hey there! The 19th Annual Scooter’s Youth Hunting Camp is this Saturday, June 13th 2020. The Orange Army is READY!

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Camp is on RAIN OR SHINE. Dress appropriately.
  2. Bring your child’s ticket–SIGNED by the parent/legal guardian.
  3. Check-in is from 8:30-9:15. Gates will not open until 8:30.

June 13th is the first day of Rebound Idaho Stage 4. In compliance with Idaho’s Stage 4 guidelines and CDC recommendations we have implemented some safety precautions. With that said, please understand we simply can not make every consideration and we accept no liability related to COVID-19. By choosing to participate or attend Scooter’s Youth Hunting Camp, you are explicitly accepting all liability and release SYHC from any claims.

If your health is compromised, please don’t risk it by coming. If you are uncomfortable, please do what is right for you. If you are experiencing any sickness or specific COVID-19 symptoms-please stay home!

The following measures are what you can expect:

  • There are 250 kids in the Camp. There are about 90 volunteers. There are parents there. The range is spacious, but please know there will be about 600 people there for the day.
  • Social distancing encouraged. The kids chairs will be spaced out, however 6 feet may not be possible.
  • Masks encouraged.
  • Wash station will be on-site.
  • Plenty of hand sanitizer will be available and required at the food line.
  • Rifles/guns will be wiped with disinfectant between kids and between sessions.
  • You are welcome to bring any of your own hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.

Looking forward to the smell of gunpowder and seeing 250 smiling faces!!!

Camp date is changed…June 13th, 2020

Hi y’all, this is Kami (Mrs. Scooter).

In compliance with CDC guidelines and Rebound Idaho guidelines for COVID-19, we have moved the date of the Camp to June 13th, 2020.

Like many of you, I’ve been inundated with many new tasks! Needless to say, I’ve fallen behind on keeping up the website. Please accept my apologies for the poor communication.

We’re all looking forward to June 13th!

And just like that, we’re full…

Great job parents! We filled up in just about a minute. Now, we just wait for the dust to settle. We do have a waiting list to work through.

Of course, we are disappointed for those who didn’t get in. For those who did, we are getting ready for an amazing 2020 Camp!

2020 Registration link

Get your spurs on, it’s a wild ride for about 60 seconds!! That’s correct folks, the Camp fills up in less than 60 seconds.

Wednesday, April 1st at 10:00 SHARP.


See tips and tricks page before registration. If you child doesn’t get in, we do have a waiting list. It’s always a bummer when kids don’t get in, but we do our best to ensure all 250 spots are filled.

Scooter’s ready. Orange Army is ready. Are you? Good luck!

2020 Camp is May 2nd

The 19th annual Scooter’s Youth Hunting Camp is coming up fast! The Orange Army is hard at work getting donations, making donuts, cleaning guns and stockpiling ammo!

Online Registration is April 1st at 10am SHARP! To register for this year’s camp, please go to the ‘Registration Tips & Tricks’ tab. Last year’s camp filled up in less than a minute. The link will be posted here when we get closer to April 1st.

Good luck!!

Thank you!!

This year’s Camp was a success for sure! The smiles, the gun powder, the smoked burgers, the elk bugles and of course….the prizes. It was amazing!

Thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors, parents and kids for making this day possible and enjoyable.

What’s next: Bailey’s Bear hunt during the last week of June. Check the Hunting Dreams page for pics and updates!

Take Care and God Bless!

May 4th 2019: Rain or Shine!

Oh man! You kids are SOOOOO lucky…our Sponsors, Donors and Volunteers have out-done themselves! It’s a good thing the Camp is next Saturday, we’re running out of space for all this cool stuff! Looking forward to seeing 250 smiling faces!


  1. Camp is on rain or shine.
  2. Your SIGNED ticket from Evenbrite is required.
  3. Gates open at 8:30am.


  1. Bring camp chairs, shade pop-ups, food, drinks (for yourself) etc… Parents are encouraged to stay for the whole day–be prepared.
  2. Bring money for Raffle & Silent Auction items.
  3. If your child wins a Second Amendment prize-you must be present to sign and consent. FFL rules apply.

See you all there!

2019 Camp Registration link

The 2019 Camp is almost here!

Registration is next Monday, April 1st at 10:00am SHARP! What’s the magic word? REFRESH, REFRESH, REFRESH. At 9:59…don’t forget to refresh your webpage.

Be sure to read the info on the Registration Tips page. Looking forward to 250 smiling faces!

2018 Camp was amazing!

The 17th Annual Scooter’s Youth Hunting Camp was our biggest and best Camp yet! The kids were respectful and courteous. It was a day filled with sunshine, gunpowder and smiles (Ok, a few tears!). We created memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks to all the parents, the sponsors, the donors, the kids, the Orange Army and of course, Our Lord!

Stay tuned for our next big adventure…Hunting Dreams!