Please read this thoroughly.

Who can participate?

Kids ages 9-16 years old. Must be 9 by the day of the Camp must still be 16 by the day of the Camp.

When is registration?

Every year on April 1st at 10:00am SHARP!!  Good Luck on April 1st.  No tickets will be available to claim early.  Must be registered with a ticket to participate.

How do I register?

The 2023 camp is NOW FULL with 15 kids already on a pre-generated waiting list created by our registration system.  The 2023 camp filled up in 49 seconds and we are now preparing to bless 250 kids.  Please join us in praying for the kids and good weather on May 6th.  All kids attending MUST HAVE A TICKET & BRING IT WITH THEM THE DAY OF!

Tips for registration: Registration typically lasts less than 60 seconds.

  • Use an internet connection that is fast.
  • Be on the registration page prior to 10:00am. (link posted above.)
  • Registration is not open until exactly 10:00am.
  • Click ‘REFRESH‘ over and over until the registration is live.
  • Once live, you can enter up to 4 participants.
  • Enter the participant’s name and birthdate (the kid, not yours). Complete the other required entries. Take your time here, you have 2 minutes to complete.
  • When you are successful, you will see a confirmation.
  • Later you will receive an email from us. Follow the instructions to ‘claim your ticket’.
  • Print and sign the ticket.
  • The ‘ticket’ is required at check-in for the Camp (liability waiver).  REQUIRED!!!

Is there a waiting list?

Yes, you will be notified that your participant is on the waiting list. You will be notified when a spot is available. We do everything we can to ensure all of those on the waiting list get in.  Please DO NOT email asking to be added to the waiting list, the system automatically gives us a list immediately and that is the list we use for cancellations.

Registration rules:

  • Since the ‘ticket’ is also the liability waiver, only the parent or legal guardian is allowed to sign the ticket.
  • You may be asked to present legal proof of your kid’s age.
  • No swapping kids. The name entered in our database should be the kid that shows up on the day of the Camp.
  • If you develop a schedule conflict, please let us know. We can use the free spot for a kid on the waiting list.
  • Kid must have the ticket at check-in on the day of the Camp. MUST HAVE PAPER COPY IN HAND AT REGISTRATION TABLE!