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Presented by Scooter’s Youth Hunting Camp

Where God guides, God provides…

Hunting Dreams firmly believes ‘Where God guides, God provides’. In 2016 God provided the incredible opportunity to make Hunting Dreams come true for some incredible Idaho kids.

Scooter’s Youth Hunting Camp partnered with Idaho Department of Fish & Game and St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital to provide an amazing Dream Elk Hunt or Dream Bear Hunt for two youth who are currently or have battled a life-threatening illness. Our goal is to provide an incredible experience in ‘God’s Country’ for these courageous kids and their families. A week away from treatments–to get outdoors, bond as a family, feel the joy of the hunt and harvest, to make cherished memories and to fulfill a dream.

These life-changing hunts are made possible by persistent prayer, dedicated sponsors, volunteers and donors. There is absolutely no cost to the family. The youth is completed outfitted for the hunt–clothing, gear, weapon, meat processing and taxidermy. The family is accommodated as well–everything from transportation, lodging and meals. The entire experience is our gift to the family.

Special thanks to the generous sponsors of these hunts…

Meet Savannah…Elk Hunter 2019

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Meet Bailey…Bear Hunter 2019

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Meet Courtney…Elk Hunter 2018

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Meet Wyatt…Bear Hunter 2018

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Big mountains…Big hearts…Even bigger faith

Every year we seek to bless a child who carries a heavy burden and every year that child blesses us beyond words. We seek to change their lives and ultimately our lives are forever changed too. They are on our hearts for eternity.

We ask for your prayers. Prayers for these courageous children and their families. Prayers for the dedicated volunteers, sponsors and donors who pour their hearts out to bless others.

Partner with us…

Hunting Dreams is a non-profit, operating exclusively on donation and fundraising. If your heart is leading you to be a part of our organization, we accept online donations (coming soon). In addition, each summer we do a raffle. Please consider partnering with us to make these Hunting Dreams become reality.

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